The Colour Of Romance – Valentines Day

The Colour of Romance – Happy Valentines Day


When I think of Valentine’s Day the colour red paints my mind. Romance, hearts, love. Colour is an important part of design; brand in particular. Brand, such a broad term, but can be catagorize into business visual touch points – your logo, print media and, of course, the web. Even though I’ve explored this subject in depth, each time I’m putting together or revamping a brand I’ll question the colour, what’s it’s purpose and what type of emotion may it evoke in people.

Blue is a trusted colour and overpowers business on the webs world stage (see article) and image below. Black represents stability and strength, red is attention grabbing etc… for more insight view Color Psychology and Marketing, Color Psychology & Do Different Colours affect your mood?

Colour should never be under estimated.
A colours emotional impact should definitely be embraced if you want to create a certain feel to your brand and lasting impression. For example purple, black, gold or silver usually represent quality & hungry colours of yellow & red are widely used in fast food restaurants (the world most successful small business, McDonalds, got it right).

Here’s a couple of colours I relate certain qualities and situations. 

Black. A wardrobe stable in business and evening attire… especially on a non skinny day:)

I always design a logo in black first. If a logo looks great in it’s most simplistic form (black & white, large or tiny) you have something special.

In oil painting, I avoid ivory black (basically because a school teacher told me too), for if not used carefully it can overpower a painting (and it’s slow to dry)… I like this articles take on it.

Pink. A feminine favourite of mine. The memories, calmness and free spirit of childhood… summer pastel pink dresses and ribbons, crisp bed linen sheets, fairy floss and as a women girly lip gloss, japanese & indian blossoms or roses, perfumes, cupcakes…