We build brand equity through design.
Established in 2007, Elias Creative have sketched, painted, brushed, blended, drawn, stickered, animated, programmed, developed, integrated, trained, named, wrote, packaged, filmed & tweaked .
As a creator and facilitator, Elias Creative offer a full creative service for brands [ our services ].


We combine visual design, defined strategies & robust web functionality to make things work together beautifully.

Our focus is to enhance the user experience and create loyal customers for our clients, whilst streamlining workflow to provide clients with the tools for future growth.


It’s innate really, and all creatives can relate to the fact we are… drawn to create… there’s no stopping what we thrive on.

From visual design, brand creation & packaging, strategy and content writing, through to complex web development & integration’s (MYOB EXO) our skills & knowledge equip us to use the web to it’s full potential for our clients.

We help create new business and build stronger bonds with existing customers for our clients – whether through a new brand identity, web store/site creation & integration’s, communications (such as e-newsletters, content writing & social media), blogs, print media, stationary, 3D visual representations or photography, packaging & motion.


We are an ever-learning, ever- evolving family of creatives who want to break boundaries, challenge ourselves & deliver at our best – always.

We strive for excellence and like to get the cost detail out of the way so we can dive in and deliver.

We ask ourselves daily… Why copy? When you can create! [ see work ]


WHY ELIAS?  (A note from owner/founder Kylie)

“The name of our creative studio needed to reflect us on a personal level & have a meaning that would bind us together in a common goal to achieve excellence in all that we do here.

The initial name Kylie Alexander Designs was just a whirlwind quickie – as the business was on the move. Elias Creative was inspired and named after my Dad… he’s always been my favourite artist.

My dad’s career started as a hand-crafting Commercial Artist which saw him move with the times to embrace new technologies in the 80’s to pioneer computer graphics with a limited colour palette, then producing 3D modelling/animation ( & winning awards along the way).

Elias Creative want to do just that in our time; embrace technology, streamline clients processes & work hard to achieve excellence, refine & broaden our skills, as well as, create a strong family bond together as a group to nurture growth in both our clients and our team.

We love substance & to be inspired, believe in what we do, fall in love with our projects & are always up for a challenge.” Kylie



For clients – New customer opportunities & to streamline processes through thoughtful design, art direction, web development & integrations.
For creatives –  Jobs people are passionate about, that challenge us & take advantage of today’s and tomorrows technology.

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